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Root canal treatment is a safe and effective way of eliminating an infection from the central pulp chamber of a tooth. Pulp infections can occur when severe decay or a traumatic injury compromises the surface of a tooth.

Root canal treatment usually requires several appointments and will depend on the type of tooth being treated. When the tooth has been prepared, it will be covered and temporarily restored until the next appointment.

  • The infected pulp is removed under a local anaesthetic and the root canals are flushed with an anti-bacterial solution.

  • The canals are expertly shaped with tiny, flexible instruments and washed again to remove any debris.

  • The freshly cleaned root canals are then filled to seal the tooth and prevent bacteria from entering.

  • If the tooth has darkened from the infection, we can use internal whitening to restore the outer tooth to its former color.

  • The tooth is finally topped off with a permanent filling or crown to help restore tooth shape and functionality.

If looked after properly, your root canal treated tooth should remain trouble-free. Even though the pulp has been removed, the tooth will stay intact as the canals have been sealed and re-infection prevented. Regular check-ups are recommended so any problems can be detected early.



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